Frequently Asked Questions ~ Dinner Kits
What is whiskTC?
whiskTC delivers fresh ingredients paired with delicious & easy recipes so you can cook extraordinary meals at home.
You choose the recipes you would like to order and the delivery day. We deliver all the measured ingredients to you…no need to recipe hunt, grocery shop & best of all no waste.
What is in a kit?
Our delicous kits come with all the ingredients you will need and step-by-step instructions to cook a fabulous home cooked meal.
We wash and prep all veggies, and portion out all spices, grains and liquids. Our meat comes to us vacuum sealed and pre cut, to ensure it comes to you as fresh as possible. We do leave out some pantry items; salt, pepper & olive oil.
What’s the price?
All plates are $10! What a deal, saving you time and money.
Do I need to be there for my delivery?
Somebody must be there to accept the kit or have made other arrangements to put the kits to keep it cold. We will deliver to your office, drop it at your neighbors, put it in a refrigerator in the garage or any other delivery instructions. We can not leave the kits outside though, we want to make sure your ingredients are fresh.
Will you work substitute items for people with food allergies?
Absolutely, either email or call us and we will be happy to help! 231-342-0391 or
How does the delivery work?
Choose what day Monday through Friday you would like the delivery. We deliver between 4-7pm. You can request a time preference and we will try our best to accommodate that request. If you are not home we will try calling the phone number you leave and wait 10 minutes for you to come. If we can not reach you we will try to get the kits to you either later that day if possible or try again the next day.
How are the ingredients packed?
We wash, chop and portion all veggies. All our meat is purchased and vacuum sealed from local butchers to ensure freshness. Spices, grains and liquids are all portioned out for each meal. All ingredients are clearly labelled and color coded for each meal. Everything is delivered in grocery bags. Where do you prep ingredients?                                                                                                                                                                                              We prep all our ingredients here in Traverse City at a commercial kitchen that is inspected regularly.
Is there a minimum order?
Yes, we do require that you order at least 2 meal kits per order.
How long are meals good for?
The kits will stay up to the “Use By Date” that will be on the bottom of each recipe. Usually the ingredients will stay fresh up to 4 days but please check the recipe to make sure.
Where do you deliver?
We deliver to MOST of Traverse City. If you are outside TC or out on OM Peninsula, call or email me and we will try to work it out.
Is there a delivery charge?
Where do you grocery shop?
We shop at Oryana’s, Burritts, Maxbaurer, Meijer’s & Oleson’s